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Paper Dress Vintage, London.

alt + f
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Celebrating alternative music made and played by women 

Who are we? 
We are two music lovers who want to see more female musicians playing live music. Our quarterly gig nights at Paper Dress Vintage in Hackney showcase cutting-edge alternative music made and played by women. 
Why do we need an all-female gig night? 
Male-only line-ups are increasingly a thing of the past - hooray! This means there’s a wealth of exciting female talent out there with a renewed creative energy and desire to perform. Alt + f gigs aim to give female musicians a platform to share their music with a friendly, supportive audience, while also giving audiences the chance to see cutting-edge female-driven acts in a unique independent venue. After decades of men dominating the live music scene we think it’s time to put women centre stage and hopefully help inspire the next generation of female musicians in the process. 
What sort of music will the artists that we work with play? 
Anything from alt-folk and indie rock to dream pop and post-punk. What unites them? is that they are all doing exciting and innovative things with music and all have women at the helm. 
Are boys allowed? 
Yes! We like boys. One of us is a boy. But the chief songwriters and performers at our gigs will always be women. 
When’s the next alt + f gig? 
You can find out who’s playing and when on our Facebook page 
How can I get in touch? 
Message us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or email us at