The Smiths Tour

Vinyl Revival, Manchester.

The Smiths Tour

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We will be leaving promptly at 11AM so don't be late taking your seats!

Vinyl Revival, 5 Hilton St, Manchester M4 1LP. 

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Approx. 3 hours.

The Smiths fans from across the globe will have the opportunity to experience once again how this iconic band made their mark in Manchester and the world.

Iconic places that will be visited on the tour include; Strangeways prison, which became instantly recognisable by Smiths fans around the world after the album entitled ‘Strangeways Here We Come’. Salford Lads Club – synonymous with the band because of Stephen Wright’s iconic picture on the sleeve of The Queen is Dead LP. The Iron Bridge, which Morrissey crossed on his dreaded daily commute to school inspiring the ‘Still Ill’ lyrics -  ‘Under the iron bridge we kissed, even though we ended up with sore lips’. 

You will be given a guided tour of the club and gain access to The Smiths room which has been kept as a shrine to the band. Tea & coffee available, on scheduled tours, and at each location, you will be able to take the important photographs that every The Smiths fan wants to capture or recreate.